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Road Naming Proposal for Chamberlain Road to be Renamed Bannerman Road Lisarow

Notice is hereby given that under Section 162 of the Roads Act 1993, Part 2 of the Roads Regulation 2008, New South Wales Address Policy (2015),  New South Wales Retrospective Address Policy (2015) and Australian/New Zealand Standard 4819:2011 - Rural and Urban Addressing, of changes to the road naming and street addressing of Chamberlain Road Lisarow.

Council proposes to rename part of Chamberlain Road, the Lisarow portion only, to Bannerman Road Lisarow.

The renaming and readdressing of Chamberlain Road forms part of the Council proposal ‘Renaming of part of Chamberlain Road, part of Taylor Road and Timber Drive Lisarow to “The Ridgeway”’, which was approved by Council at its meeting held 28 August 2012.  

Objections were received to the name originally proposed and to Cecil Road.  Residents have requested that the road name of Bannerman Road that was in the original subdivision of this area in 1906 but renamed in 1970 be used.

Map of Proposed Renaming Area

A period of 30 days from 9 September 2016 is allowed during which time any person may lodge with Council written submission to the proposal.

Submissions should be lodged with council by 5pm, Sunday 9 October 2016, either:

By email to: ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au  or

By post to: Central Coast Council, PO Box 21, Gosford NSW 2250

For further information please contact the Land Information Officer on 4325 8119.

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