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October 2016

Be on the Lookout as Summer Sun Brings out Snakes

Oct 24, 2016

Central Coast Council is encouraging residents and visitors to be aware of snakes as the summer weather hits the Coast.

As the weather warms up, snakes will begin to emerge from their winter abode in search of food, water and sun.

Council’s Natural Areas Section Manager, Mr Alan Cibilic, reminded residents it’s time to be vigilant when outdoors.

“Snakes might appear in open spaces, parks, beachside reserves and even our own gardens,” Mr Cibilic said.

“Please take care when walking along beach accesses, bush walking trails and shared pathways, especially if you have your dog with you - make sure they stay on their leash.

“Baby snakes are also about now and once they hatch they are on their own – which means they’re just as venomous as adults. Their fangs are smaller making a lethal bite less likely but small snakes should still be treated with respect.”

Some simple tips to remember include:

  • Avoid leaving piles of materials around such as timber or corrugated iron, and if working around such piles, make sure sturdy footwear is worn.
  • Pet food and water left outside is an attractant for snakes in yards, so too is having chickens and pet birds as excess seed/feed attracts vermin and these attract snakes.
  • If bitten by any snake, do not wash the wound. Call 000. Apply a compression bandage starting over the wound, then down the limb to the end of the extremity then back up the limb past the bite as far as the bandage will allow. Immobilize the limb and seek help urgently.
  • Some snakes can “dry bite” where they bite but no venom is used, however it is not possible to know if it was a “dry bite” or not so treat as though venom was used.

“If you come across a snake, please let it be – don’t try and catch it,” Mr Cibilic added.

“There are a number of organisations who can come and remove the snake from your property for you.

“We love living here and visitors love coming to the Coast because of the rich natural beauty we have, and with this comes the local wildlife.

“The Central Coast is a great place to live, work and play – Council agrees and so does the local wildlife.”

Organisations that will remove snakes include the Wildlife ARC, WIRES or Hunter Reptile and Vermin Control.

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