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Private Tree Works Application

Use this form to make an application to remove or prune a tree on private land in the Gosford LGA. 

The applicant must be the owner or delegated manager of the affected property. 

You can apply to prune back to your boundary line, or prune any branches overhanging from your neighbour’s tree, but only the owner of a tree can apply for its removal.

New regulations came into effect on 1 August, 2014 in relation to tree removal within bush fire areas. Prior to completion of this form you should consult the Rural Fire Services website.

There is an application fee to apply for approval to prune or remove a tree. 

If your tree is part of a current Development Application with council, please do not complete this form, as this tree will be assessed as part of this development process.

Private Tree Works Application Frequently Asked Questions

Private Tree Works Application Form

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