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Council rates maintain, improve and provide services and facilities for ratepayers, residents and visitors to the local area.

What types of rates does Gosford City Council levy?

There are three types of rates levied by council: ordinary rates, special rates, and charges.

For information on each of council's fees and charges see our Rates and Charges Fact Sheet.

See a list of the 2016-17 Rate Levies.

A new, Fire and Emergency Services Levy (FESL) will come into effect on 1 July 2017. For more information, see our Fire and Emergency Services Levy page

Land value 

The land value is determined by the NSW Valuer General. A general revaluation is conducted every three years and the valuations are provided to council for rating purposes. Supplementary valuations are provided to council when a change in land valuation occurs outside of a general revaluation.

Information about land values can be found on the NSW Land and Property Information website or by contacting the NSW Valuer General's Office on 1800 110 038.

Frequently Asked Questions - Rates

  • I have just purchased a new property - what happens now?

  • When and how do I pay my rates?

  • Can I view my rates online?

  • What happens if I can't pay my rates by the due date?

  • Can I find out how much I have to pay before I receive my rates notice?

  • What is rate pegging?

  • Can Council increase its income by more than the rate peg?

  • I have received a new valuation for my property. How will this affect my rates?

  • Why will my rates increase by more than the 1.5% rate peg in 2017-18?

  • How can my rates increase when we’ve been told that there is a “rate freeze” for merged councils?

  • Has Council’s income increased because of the revaluation?

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