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Access to Information

Access to information held by Gosford City Council is provided in accordance with the Government Information (Public Access) Act (GIPA) 2009.

The GIPA Act outlines information council is required to make publicly available, free of charge on its website. This information is referred to as Mandatory Proactive Release and includes:

The Act also encourages routine and proactive release of information (where there is no overriding public interest against doing so) referred to as Authorised Proactive Release.  

Informal and formal applications to access information

Informal applications

If there is information you are unable to find on council’s website, you can request access to that information by completing an informal application below.

Informal Access to Information Form

Formal applications

A formal application may be necessary to obtain information that: contains personal information, is sensitive in nature or requires consultation with a third party. 

Charges and time limits apply for this kind of application.

Formal applications concerning the personal information of the applicant attracts a $30 application fee, which covers up to 20 hours of processing time. Personal information refers to information about an individual whose identity is apparent or can reasonably be ascertained from the information.

Formal requests for other types of government information are charged at $30 per hour. 

Formal Access to Information Form

Delegations of Authority

Delegations of Authority

Should you wish to ensure you have the latest information regarding delegations for a particular role, please contact council’s Secretariat on 4325 8​222.

More information

Any questions regarding access to council’s information should be directed to our Information and Privacy Officer on 4325 ​8222.

Further information about your right to information is available from the Office of the Australian Information Commission (OAIC) and the NSW Information and Privacy Commission

Viewing publicly available documents

You can view publicly available documents on the Access to Information Documents page.

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