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Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework Diagram

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework

The Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework is essentially a set of tools to create integrated plans for the future of the community.

The framework allows council to identify and plan for funding priorities and service levels in consultation with the community, while also preserving local identity and planning for a more sustainable future.

In response to the Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan, council has developed several key documents and processes detailing its responsibilities and commitments to the plan. 

These plans, along with the reports on the progress of each plan, outline the work council is currently doing within the community, as well as priorities for future services and how we are working to achieve the plans.

The End of Term Report summarises how council has implemented the Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan.

Planning Document Planning Timeframe  Description Reporting Cycle  Reporting Document 

Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

Minimum 10 years
Outlines the Community's long-term priorities and aspirations aligned to four broad themes of: Society & Culture, Environment, Economy and Governance & Leadership. Supported by objectives, strategies and performance measures to achieve them.
 4 yearly
State of the City Report
Central Coast Council Operational Plan 2017-18
 4 years Delivery Program: council’s long term response to the CSP and is linked to council’s four-year electoral term.

Operational Plan: council's annual programs and projects listing in response to the Delivery Program actions.
 6 monthly Delivery Program Progress Report
Resourcing Strategy
Up to 10 years Time, money, assets and people required to implement the Delivery Program and Operational Plan. Perpetual monitoring and review Reported in:
State of the City Report

Further information on the framework is available from the Office of Local Government.

Operational Plan 2017-18 Thumbnail

Central Coast Council Operational Plan


You can also view our Community Engagement Summary

Delivery Program Progress Report - Gosford and Wyong

Delivery Program Progress Report
(Gosford and Wyong)


End of Term Report - April 2016

Gosford End of Term Report


Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan

​Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan


State of the City Report 2012

State of the City Report


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