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Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan (CSP)

In July 2011, council, in extensive collaboration with the community, developed and launched a long term, whole of community planning document - the Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan.

What is the plan’s purpose?

The plan outlines a set of guiding principles, aspirations and values for the community; reflecting on social, economic, environmental and governance aspects for now and the future.   It also includes agreed objectives and strategies for achieving these aspirations.

What responsibility does council have for delivering the plan?

Council has a custodial role and is direct responsibility for some aspects of the plan.  Implementation of the plan requires action not only from council, but also from residents, government, business and community groups.

Council has developed an Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework consisting of several key documents and processes detailing council’s responsibilities and commitments to the plan.

State of the City Report 2012

The State of the City Report measures progress against the objectives and strategies of the CSP.

The report is developed every four years and is a key source of information that will inform the review of the CSP.

Related documents

Community Engagement Summary Report

Provides a summary of the Community Engagement Process, the knowledge gained and learnings undertaken for the development of the CSP.

Community Strategic Plan Evidence Summary 2011

Summarises the evidence to support the development of the CSP.

Resourcing Strategy - Gosford 2011/2012

Details how council will support the CSP and the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

The strategy also assists council in determining who is responsible for the shared actions documented in the CSP between council, government agencies and the community, and details the actions that are the specific responsibility of council.

The strategy consists of three main parts:

Long-term Financial Strategy: Money

Reported three monthly, it outlines the estimate of income and expenditure set out in the Statement of Revenue.

Workforce Management Planning: People

Asset Management Planning: Infrastructure

Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan

​Gosford 2025 Community Strategic Plan


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