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Cockle Bay Towns Sewerage Project

The Cockle Bay Towns Sewerage Project will improve wastewater services in Empire Bay, Bensville and Kincumber South.   

There are over 300 properties in the Cockle Bay Towns Sewerage Project’s service area.

Sewage from these properties is currently managed on site using either:

  • Septic tanks (approximately 50 per cent of properties);
  • Aerated Wastewater Treatment Systems (approximately 40 per cent of properties);
  • Pump-out systems (approximately 10 per cent of properties). 

This area is considered a high priority for improved sewerage services due to the sensitivity of its local waterways and potential public health risks posed by unsustainable on-site sewage management (OSSM).

The majority of properties in the service area will be serviced by a Pressure Sewer System (PSS). There will also be a sewage pumping station installed on the corner of Wards Hill Road and Empire Bay Drive, Empire Bay and a small number of properties will be serviced by a gravity sewerage system.

To find out the advantages of connecting to the new scheme, please see the Benefits of Connecting Fact Sheet.

Project status

Construction of the ​project started in October 2015. Progress to date includes:
  • Construction, testing and commissioning of the entire scheme is near completion.
  • Around 70% of properties on the pressure sewer system have elected for an early connection.
  • Precincts will be released in stages as they become available for connection during September and October.​

More information

Contact information

Email: cocklebaytownssewerage@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

Phone: 4325 8103

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