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Water Projects

Millions of dollars are invested each year by council in major projects to provide and improve essential waster services for our customers.

 These major projects are a key part of council's commitment to:

  • Improved water quality;
  • Security of water supply;
  • More cost effective operation; and
  • Preventing environmental impacts. 

There are a number of major water projects currently underway across the region.

Information on individual projects is available by selecting the relevant link in the following table.

 Projects Description        Status
Somersby Water Treatment Plant (SWTP) Capital Works Project
$30M project to upgrade the SWTP over the next 20 years to improve its reliability and ensure the community’s water continues to be treated to the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Filter refurbishment nearing completion

Sludge scrapers in two of the four sedimentation tanks have been replaced

Electrical and control system upgrade nearing completion

Chemical dosing pumps and lines replaced

Flash mixers replaced

Water Pressure management project (Davistown)
$500,000 project to manage the water pressure in Davistown. The project creates a pressure management zone (PMZ) including approximately 850 residential properties, the Davistown RSL and the Allura Waters Retirement Village. The Davistown project was supported by a contribution of $135,000 from the Central Coast Water Savings Fund.
The Davistown project is now complete and operational.
Stormwater Harvesting Projects

$7.2M project reducing the demand on drinking water supplies and minimising the impact of stormwater run-off on the region’s local waterways.

This project has been funded by Gosford City Council, the Department of the Environment and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage.

Two stormwater harvesting and reuse schemes are being constructed at Hylton Moore Park, East Gosford and Terrigal. Combined, the sites will save over 80 million litres of drinking water each year.

Terrigal scheme now completed and undergoing performance testing and proving prior to supplying water to customers.

Hylton Moore Park nearing completion.

Water Main Renewal Program

$5.1M program renewing water mains between 2013 and 2017. It is anticipated that this budget will be utilised equally over the four year period.

Council undertakes a comprehensive analysis of its water main assets as part of an annual water main renewal program. After a number of factors are considered, relevant weightings are applied to water mains that pose the highest risk to the community, environment, and operation of the water supply system. Renewals are then prioritised accordingly.


Renewals are currently being prioritised.

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