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Mooney Mooney Cheero Point Sewerage Scheme

The Mooney Mooney Cheero Point (MMCP) Sewerage Scheme is a Priority Sewerage Project (PSP) initiated to reduce existing public health risks for the community and minimise adverse environmental impacts on local waterways and residential properties.

The scheme is an essential improvement required in response to water quality issues in the catchment area.

A major cause of the reduction in water quality was found to be ineffective and overloaded on-site sewerage facilities.

Adversely affected water quality posed major public health and environmental risks for the entire community. Poor water quality in the catchment area created far reaching health ramifications due to the significant oyster industry located in the catchment.

The scheme provides cleaner waterways and increases safe guards for the oyster growing and fishing industries located in the catchment area. The reduction of odours, dampness and seepage throughout residential backyards are also key objectives of the project.

The MMCP scheme is subsidised under the NSW Government's Small Towns Sewerage (STS) program. Council has also received funding for the project under the Government's Priority Sewerage Program.

Project status

The scheme was commissioned in September 2009 and connection is now available to eligible properties in Mooney Mooney and Cheero Point. Approximately 80% of the eligible properties have connected to the scheme.

How to connect

Property owners who have not nominated for an early connection will need to contact council in the future when their property requires connection to the scheme. They will then be placed on a waiting list until there are sufficient properties in the area needing connection.

Contribution charge

A PSP area contribution charge of $10,795.00 has been set for all properties connecting to the scheme.

The PSP contribution charge was calculated in accordance with the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) Determination 1 2006 and adopted by council on 27 January 2009. The charge will be subject to annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases for each year a property remains unconnected to the scheme.

Any property owner who intends to subdivide or develop their property in the future will be required to pay the non-PSP contribution charge. The non-PSP charge for the scheme is $26,932.88 and is also subject to the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases.

Information resources

Further information on the project is available by clicking on the resources below or contacting council on (02) 4325 8222.


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