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Water Main Renewal Program

Council carries out a comprehensive analysis of its water main assets as part of an annual water main renewal program.

A number of important factors are considered during this process including: frequency of main breaks, risks associated with such breaks, replacement cost of water mains as opposed to ongoing maintenance, and environmental impact.

After all factors are carefully considered, relevant weightings are applied to water mains that pose the highest risk to the community, environment, and operation of the water supply system.

This process prioritises sections of water main allowing the renewal program to operate effectively, with the most at risk assets being replaced first.

Council recognises that all assets have a life cycle and their replacement is duly catered for in future budgets. Each section of water main that has experienced breaks is included in our analysis. However, with over 200 breaks per year it is not feasible to replace all sections.

Council will invest $5.1 million in the renewal of water mains between 2013 and 2017. It is anticipated that this budget will be utilised equally over the four year period.

Of this budget, a set budget for ‘reactive renewals’ will be allocated and used at main break locations where there is reason and opportunity to replace a number of lengths of pipe to eliminate future breaks in adjacent pipe sections.

Project status

A review of council’s water main breaks data has been carried out and analysed using the Water Main Replacement Program weighting criteria. 

Renewals for the 2014-2015 financial year are currently being prioritised.

Community benefits

The ongoing, proactive renewal of water mains and prioritising of replacements will ensure that breaks and any associated risks are minimised.

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