About Council

Council's Role and Responsibilities

Gosford City Council exists to provide an informed decision-making body that develops the local community and its resources in a responsible way.

It ensures that local public services and facilities respond effectively to community needs.

Council provides a range of day to day services for the people who live in the Gosford LGA, including:

  • Libraries, community centres and halls;
  • Recreation facilities, such as swimming pools and sporting fields;
  • Infrastructure such as our local roads, buildings, sewerage and drainage, bridges, boat ramps and skate parks;
  • Environmental and public health services;
  • Waste management, including recycling and landfill disposal facilities;
  • Water supply;
  • Planning and development services; and
  • Services for specific groups in our community, such as senior citizens, people with disabilities, young people and Indigenous people. 

Council also employs a wide range of administrative, technical, professional and outdoor staff to carry out the work of Gosford City Council and ensure our residents receive the public services and facilities they require.

Gosford City Council Information Guide

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