Arts, Culture and Recreation

Cultural Development Services

Cultural Development

Council’s Cultural Development Services embrace many aspects of our community cultural life, such as:

• The planning and writing of cultural policies;
• Engaging public and private stakeholders in art productions, festivals and programs;
• Organising public art programs and place creation initiatives; and
• The coordination of regional cultural funding.

Cultural engagement projects

Council is proactive in fostering a lively cultural scene. The success of our cultural projects is dependent on the partnerships we establish and maintain with our local organisations and communities. Just some of these projects include:

  • The Australia Day Lantern Parade;
  • 5 Lands Walk; and
  • Harmony Day events. 

To find out about upcoming cultural events, please visit our Events Calendar.

Busking in the Gosford Local Government Area

Busking is actively encouraged through the busking permit system which provides an easily accessible process for musicians and performers to apply to busk throughout Gosford City.

For more information or to apply for a busking permit, download the Busking Procedure or the Busking Permit Application Form.

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