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PLS StaffAt the PLC, we offer a total health and fitness experience with membership packages to suit your needs.

Health club membership

The qualified and experienced instructors at the PLC make your health club experience a successful one. From the original goal setting and health review session, to designing programs and regular updates, the PLC Health Club provides a combination of gymnasium workouts and group exercise sessions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Pool membership

Pool membership offers unlimited access to pools, the spa, sauna and steam room. Swimming is great for the body’s fitness, improving mobility in the aged and injured, developing heart health and total body fitness.

The warm water improves circulation and ensures the body recovers after exercise. It also improves the removal of toxins from the body and refreshes the skin.

A pool membership offers your body and mind the facilities to relieve stress and improve health.

Gold membership

Gold membership is a combination of the health club and pool memberships, which allows you to use all of the centre’s facilities to meet your goals and expectations.

Using different mediums and exercise options, you have the opportunity to swim, use the gym or relax the mind and body with a relaxing yoga class or spa.

Memberships can be paid by monthly debit or as twelve months upfront.

Additional membership options

  • Creche membership: Unlimited crèche for a small monthly fee for the whole family.
  • Youth access: Fifteen and sixteen-year-olds can access the health club at the PLC under certain circumstances - Youth Health and Fitness
  • Holiday pass: Visitors to our community can purchase a seven day holiday pass for full gold access.

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