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Pre-Development Meeting

A Pre Development Meeting

Council conducts pre-development meetings to provide customers with information and/or advice regarding development proposals. The goal of a pre-development meeting is to assist customers to identify and, if possible, resolve any issues or constraints related to proposed developments ahead of a development application being lodged.

Although pre-development meetings are not mandatory, meeting early in the process may identify relevant issues and avoid future conflicts.

The role of a pre-development meeting

The pre-development meeting provides customers with advice on the suitability of development applications when concept plans have been developed.

The pre-development meeting is led by a professional staff member with a background in town planning or building surveying. It is the role of the professional to assist applicants through the initial preparation stages of an application. They will provide accurate and current technical and procedural advice and make arrangements, if necessary, for advice and/or attendance at scheduled meetings by other specialised staff.

When are the meetings held?

Pre-development meetings are held each Thursday, by appointment, at council’s administration building.

The pre-development meeting may be reconvened to meet for a subsequent follow-up meeting as considered necessary (an additional fee may apply in this circumstance). This is usually the case with large complex proposals. For such proposals the meeting is also an appropriate service to review all the information and documentation that is to be submitted with the development application to ensure its completeness and minimise delays.

The objectives of pre-development meetings

By conducting pre-development meetings, council aims to:

  • Provide timely advice and avoid delays to development projects;
  • Promote and maintain effective communication between council and the development industry;
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the development, subdivision and construction certificate application process administered by council; and
  • Promote council as courteous, efficient and helpful in pursuance of its responsibilities for development, subdivision and building matters.  

What do I need to do?

  1. Check with customer service and refer to the relevant planning documents to determine whether the zoning of the land permits the proposed use.
  2. Review any development control plan and relevant statutory requirements to determine any areas of non-compliance.
  3. Forward your completed Pre-development Meeting Application Form, together with concept plans, pre-development fee, preliminary design layout (floor plan, elevations, height), and an outline of your proposal, giving details of all lots.

Send these details by post to Gosford City Council, PO Box 21, Gosford NSW 2250 or deliver it in person to one of council’s customer service centres.

The pre-development meeting is intended to give simple and direct advice. Detailed drawings and plans are not necessary.

Nor is it expected, at this early stage of development planning, that preliminary sketch plans will be accompanied by anything more than a conceptual statement of objectives and land use proposals.

However, a more detailed presentation will enable council to provide better advice.

What happens next?

Council will contact you with a meeting time.

Council’s role

  • Review the proposal with regard to council’s planning controls and statutory requirements;
  • Consult other specialised staff and/or consultants and, if necessary, make arrangements for their attendance at scheduled meetings;
  • Professional staff will allow up to an hour to meet with you to discuss the proposal. Subsequent meetings may be held with you, should such meetings be deemed necessary;
  • Following the meeting, council will provide you with a written summary of the advice and issues discussed at the meeting. 

A further meeting can be arranged to review the documentation when an application is ready to be lodged with council. This is to ensure completeness and avoid delays.

Contact council on 4325 8222 for current fees and further information.

Please note: at no time should comments of the officers be taken as a guarantee of approval of your proposal.

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