Overgrown Land

During Spring and Summer excessive rainfall, combined with warm temperatures, can encourage rapid growth of vegetation across the region, leading to a rise in the number of enquiries Council receive regarding overgrown land and neighbourly disputes.

As a first step, we encourage residents to have a simple conversation with the owner or manager of the property that is overgrown. Often people are unaware that their property maintenance is causing a problem and are usually happy to address the problem after being notified.

Unfortunately, in most cases, Council has no direct authority  over how residents manage private property and are unable to act on complaints over property appearance. 

If evidence can be provided that proves the condition of a property is unsafe or unhealthy, please call Customer Contact on (02) 4325 8222 or email:

Council Officers will investigate to determine if regulatory action can be taken.
Council cannot take any action where overgrown vegetation includes native vegetation that is protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 or the Local Land Services Act 2013. Native mice, native rats and snakes are not considered to be vermin and are protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. 

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