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Community Services | Community & Cultural Development

Gosford City Council's Community & Cultural Development Home Page

Our Community

Belonging to Gosford means living in an inclusive community that responds to the needs of all its people.



What is Community & Cultural Development?

Community & Cultural Development is the process or effort of building community capacity on a local level with emphasis on forging and strengthening social ties, building economy, and developing the not for profit sector.

Community Capacity combines building people's commitment and skills to build on strengths within the community to address problems and react to potential opportunities.


This is achieved by:                                            

  • Recognising and valuing of individual and community contributions

  • Provision of direct services to Children and families / Young People / Older People and People with DisAbilities

  • Building capacity of services in the community sector, by increasing skills and knowledge, advocacy and access to resources i.e. provision of financial grants and buildings

  • Encouraging participation in community life

  • Investigating and responding to community issues

  • Ensuring the strengths of the Gosford community are maintained and accessible to everyone

This work is supported by comprehensive social planning process incorporating research, community engagement and stakeholders. 





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Contacts - Community Services

Manager & Team Leaders  | Council Child Care Centres | Youth Centres | 50+ Leisure & Learning Centres | Community Development Officers



Manager - Community & Cultural Development Section
Coordinates and manages the Community & Cultural Development Section.

Manager position held by


Assistant to Manager     

Office Administrator - Community & Cultural Development Section
Assists in coordination and management of the Community & Cultural Development Section.


Team Leaders

Team Leader Community & Cultural Development

Coordinates and manages the Community & Cultural Development Team


Team Leader - Child & Family Services
Coordinates and manages the Child & Family Services Team.


Team Leader - Youth & Seniors Services

Coordinates and manages the Youth & Seniors Services Team, Youth Council, Central Coast Youth Interagency and the Public Spaces Project.

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Council Child Care Centres

Child Care Centre Director Email Contact Contact Phone 
James Mitchell Care and Learning Centre Ashleigh Waugh  (02) 4324 1252
Kariong Child Care Centre Renee Podmore  (02) 4340 1823
Niagara Park Childrens Centre Debbie Andrews  (02) 4328 5485
Papalya Childrens Centre Jenni Wallington  (02) 4367 6160
Terrigal Childrens Centre Beverley Boys  (02) 4385 1088
Umina Child Care Centre Sandra Luxford  (02) 4342 3633

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Youth Centres & Agencies

Youth Centres Centre Coordinators Email Contact Contact Phone 
The Hub - Erina Youth & Entertainment Centre Steve Knee   (02) 43047104
Yirang - Kincumber Youth Centre Haley Burgess     (02) 43695633
The Hill - Kariong Youth Centre Michelle Tilden  (02) 43047039


Youth Agencies Email Contact Website
Youth Council Youth Council Facebook Page           
Central Coast Youth Interagency             External LinkCentral Coast Youth Interagency
Public Spaces Project    

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50+ Leisure & Learning Centres

50+ Leisure & Learning Services Co-ordinator          

Rhondda Gibson                       

Centres Centre Aide Website Contact Phone 
Walamba – Gosford                                        Vickie Johnson   (02) 4324 4749
Wadhayi – Ettalong                                        Anne Blythe    (02) 4341 3222
Terrigal Sonia Beeby  (02) 4384 5152

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Community & Cultural Development Officers

Position Role Contact
Aboriginal Development Officer Provides support, resources and advocacy for Aboriginal communities in Gosford. Keith Hall
Community Facilities Development Officer Partners with the community to ensure that community facilities are strategically planned, equitable, accessible and coordinated. Elizabeth Ambler
HACC Development Officer Provide support and assistance to home and community care services.
Community Development Officer - Grants Support, resource and develop communities in Gosford through the implementation of Council's community grants scheme. Sharon Moore
Access & Equity Officer Provides support, resources and advocacy for people with disabilities in Gosford.
(Tuesday and Wednesday).
Emma Bedwin
Disability Access Officer Provides support, resources and advocacy for people with disabilities in Gosford.
(Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).

Katie Butler

Cultural Development Officer Provides support, resources and advocacy for cultural communities in Gosford. Elio Gatti
HACC Training Supervisor To co-ordinate training opportunies to assist HACC services implement quality service provision. Janette Robinson
HACC Training Administrator Administration assistance to HACC Training Project. Melinda Dawson
Herritage Program Coordinator Coordination of Heritage Programs.

Rebecca Cardy

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