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Gosford City Council’s childcare centres offer quality care, and a teaching and learning program that is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework.

The programs are play based, and recognise the importance of communication and language (including literacy and numeracy) as well as social and emotional development.

Our childcare centres promote:

Quality... Our centres are supported by Gosford City Council and their commitment to providing quality care, teaching, learning and a sense of belonging. We offer excellent child ratios, have highly qualified educators on staff, and supply nutritional meals.

Uniqueness... We promote an inclusive curriculum that acknowledges the values and diversity of our community.

Aesthetically... Pleasing, warm and secure environments that encourage your child’s curiosity, inventiveness, creativity and play in ways that raise their awareness of the importance of the natural world.

Life... Learning and reflective practice facilitated by childcare professionals. Our staff are also constantly provided with the opportunity to update their skills and knowledge.

Individual... Needs and strengths are acknowledged. Our centres facilitate and enhance children’s confidence, resilience and sense of identity.

Time... For children to play. We recognise the importance of a play-based program in enhancing children’s learning and skill development.

Yes, we are a not for profit service. Your fees are directed back into the childcare centre’s resources. We are active participants in our local communities, and promote a strong relationship with the wider community of the Central Coast.

For information on any of our centres or to make an enrolment enquiry, please phone the centre direct or contact council on 4325 8222 or email

Our childcare centres

Centre: Terrigal Children's Centre
Address: 4 Duffy's Road, Terrigal
Phone: 4385 1088
Hours: 7.00am to 5.30pm

Centre: Niagara Park Children's Centre
Address: 209 Narara Valley Drive, Niagara Park   
Phone: 4328 5485
Hours: 7.00am to 5.30pm

Centre: Umina Child Care Centre
Address: 10 Australia Avenue, Umina Beach
Phone: 4342 3633
Hours: 7.30am to 6.00pm

Centre: Kariong Child Care Centre
Address: 46 Langford Drive, Kariong
Phone: 4340 1823
Hour: 7.30am to 6.00pm

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