Land Strategy

In 2015, council endorsed the potential sale of around 30 parcels of land that could deliver much needed funding to reinvest back into vital services, facilities and infrastructure for the community.

This decision followed a review of council’s property portfolio which identified a number of sites that: are no longer required for their initial use, are residual portions from previous works, are of no foreseeable, or limited use to ​council and the community, or have been replaced by larger nearby facilities.

In recent years council has continued to acquire an average of approximately 28 hectares of new land annually for community and recreational purposes. Reflecting these continued acquisitions, a review of council’s existing portfolio was in the interest of the community as a whole.

An external consultant has been engaged to consider all aspects relevant to each parcel that’s been identified for potential sale.

Legislation requires council to undertake a fully informed and transparent review of all identified community land parcels, which will include public ​meetings where the community will have the opportunity to speak for or against any land reclassification. The community will be provided with twenty eight days’ notice before each public ​meeting.

To view the land which has been identified for potential sale, select the relevant suburb listed below. The images can be enlarged by clicking on them. For more detailed mapping information, you can visit our Mapping page. 

Properties by suburb

  • Avoca Beach

  • Bensville

  • Davistown

  • East Gosford

  • Forresters Beach

  • Green Point

  • Lisarow

  • Niagara Park

  • Tascott

  • Terrigal

  • Umina Beach

  • Wamberal

  • West Gosford

  • Woy Woy

  • Wyoming

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