Stage Hire

Gosford City Council has two stages available for hire; a small mobile stage and medium sized stage.

Who can hire ​a stage?

The stage is available for anyone in the Gosford Local Government Area to hire.

What are the stage dimensions?

Small (mobile) stage:
This stage is modular and comes in four pieces.
Each piece is 2.4m x 1.2m, 200mm off the ground.
The stage can be lifted with legs up to 600mm.
Please note: this stage cannot be left outside – if for an outdoor event same day setup and removal is required.

Medium stage:
Measurements 4.8m x 2.4m. 800​mm high, with pull out stairs
This stage has no roof. 
It is towed like a trailer and remains in this form when in use. 

How much does it cost to hire?

  • Medium stage (including delivery and pick up) $300.00. Same day delivery and return.
  • Small Mobile Stage (modular) $300.00. Daily hire only. If delivery and/or pickup required outside of business hours, overtime rate applies.
  • Security Deposit $678.00.
  • Overtime Rate (this fee is applied on top of stage hire fee when delivery/pickup is required to occur outside normal working hours) $6​78.00.

A full list of fees is available on our Fees and Charges page. 

Stage Hire Application Form

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