Event Detail

Event Detail


Jess Dare Conceptual flowering plant series 2013 lampwork glass photo Grant Hancock
  • 22 Jul - 2 Sep 2017
  • Gosford Regional Gallery
  • Phone: 4304 7550

Co-curated by Margaret Hancock Davis and Brian Parkes, GLASS: art design architecture showcases 23 outstanding projects by contemporary Australian artists, designers and architects. It represents a cross-section of current creative practices and relationships to this versatile material. This exhibition will tour to 15 venues nationally.

Glass has been an important medium in the history of civilisation. Archaeologists have found early humans used obsidian (volcanic glass) to make spear tips whilst evidence shows handmade glass was produced as a form of glaze from 3,500 BC in Mesopotamia.

Rudimentary forms of hollow glass container have been made through sand casting processes since 1,500 BC and glass blowing, as we know it today, emerged in the first Century BC. Since this time we have used this deeply seductive material in increasingly sophisticated ways and now we see glass within cutting edge technologies such as fibre optics and interactive touch screen devices.

The combination of art, design and architecture within this exhibition allows us to reflect broadly on our connection to glass and on the many ways we engage with it in our daily lives.

Image:  Jess Dare, Conceptual Flowering Plant Series 2013 Lampworked glass.
Photo - Grant Hancock