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Ecological Research Grants

Gosford Council Ecological Research Grant Funding Opportunities

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Gosford City Council is offering grant funding to tertiary students or suitably qualified individuals and companies for environmental research projects relevant to the Gosford City Local Government Area (LGA).

Potential projects, details on how to apply, grant conditions and successful projects from previous years are provided below.

Suggested Research Topics for 2013

Examples include:

  • Research into the positive impacts of development on the local environment and how to best consider/identify these when planning/designing.
  • A city wide acid sulphate soils management plan. The plan should be suitable for use by operational staff that may potentially excavate these soils during Council works.
  • An erosion and sedimentation control field guide for operational staff. The guide should provide examples for applying the controls to different environments i.e. Creeks, mangroves, stormwater drains etc.
  • Research on the distribution, abundance and breeding cycle of the Eastern Osprey in the Gosford LGA.
  • Weed mapping for Council reserve, estuaries, creeks, lagoons and sand dunes (project must produce a GIS layer)
  • Assessment of the extent of impacts of walking tracks and fire trails on ecological communities in Council reserves.
  • Assess the extent and condition of riparian, foreshore and aquatic vegetation around the Brisbane Water estuary. This project would provide base-line data to inform the development of an estuary-wide vegetation monitoring program.
  • Asses the status and extent of the exotic algae Caulerpa taxifolia in the Brisbane Water estuary to inform the development of a program for eradication of the species.
  • Impacts of private clearing on beaches and foreshores within the Gosford LGA.
  • Distribution and abundance of large forest owls in the Gosford LGA.
  • Foraging and roosting behaviour of grey-headed flying foxes in the Gosford LGA.
  • Modelling of potential habitat for the green and golden bell frog (Litoria aurea) in the Gosford LGA.
  • Assessment of the impacts of hazard reduction burning on biodiversity.
  • Distribution and condition of swift parrot and regent honeyeater habitat within the Gosford LGA.
  • Distribution of Stuttering Frog (Mixophyes balbus) and Giant Barred Frog (Mixophyes iteratus) habitat in the Gosford LGA.
  • Mapping and monitoring of sandbar movement at Half Tide Rocks.
  • Mapping and monitoring of sediment encroachment and movement in Brisbane Water.
  • Impacts of natural reserve usage in the Gosford LGA.
  • Evaluation of impacts from visitors/users of coastal rock platforms.
  • Evaluation of fauna movements between Council reserves.
  • Using indicator organisms within Brisbane Water to assess the effectiveness of ecological management actions in the estuary.

Further Information

Further information can be obtained from Council’s Environment Officer
Phone: 4325 8222, or

Online Resources

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