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Mapping and Spatial Information

Gosford City Council - (GEMS) Mapping Enquiry System

The Gosford Electronic Mapping System (GEMS)

Welcome to Gosford Electronic Mapping System (GEMS)

Gems stands for Gosford Electronic Mapping System which is an interactive web mapping application that is free to the public. This allows internet users the ability to locate and obtain information such as zones, Dog off leash Areas, Bushfire Prone Areas, property information (lot/Plan) and also the ability to search on addresses/suburbs.

This system takes advantage of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) where users can overlay various "layers" of data to visually see the effects. For example, a person can search for a particular property and obtain the zone, see the surrounding zones as well as other information such as nearby roads and suburbs.

IMPORTANT information for users of Internet Explorer 10

In order for the mapping site to function correctly you will need to enable “Compatibility View”.

This can be done by clicking on the “Compatibility View” button next to the search button.

The “Compatibility View” button will change colour to BLUE when enabled correctly as shown below:

Compatibility View Button




Aerial Photography (Update - Now includes 2010 photography and Infrared Imagery)

An interactive map of the Council area now with 2010 photography covering the whole LGA. Photography from 2005 and 2007 is still available. Topography (Hillshade) is now included in the Aerial Photography Map.

Customers can view the Aerial Photography Map for further details.

Topography specifically involves the recording of relief or terrain, the three-dimensional quality of the surface, and the identification of specific landforms (Wikipedia). This 2-Dimentional raster image was generated by Gosford City Council using x,y,z points captured using Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) or known as Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR).

Users are able to visualise land features such as road cuttings, embankments, ridges, valleys etc. Local features such as the F3, Presidents Hill (Gosford), Gosford Velodrome, Gosford Race Track, Terrigal Haven and Blackwall Mountain are all clearly visible and identifiable.

Zoning Map - Gosford Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2014

An interactive suite of planning maps, including zoning and height of buildings. These maps must be read in conjunction with the new LEP.

Customers can view the Zoning Map for further details.

Land Constraints

An interactive map identifying land that is affected by  Acid Soils, Bushfire and Flooding.

Customers can view the Land Constraints Map for a detailed map of affected areas.

Flood Extents 1% AEP - Explanation

This map shows flood extents for a 1in100 Year ARI (Average Recurrence Interval). 1in100 year ARI is the result of statistical data which estimates the probability that a particular rainfall depth (or intensity) will be equalled or exceeded at a particular place within a certain period of time i.e. 100 years. This is also referred to as the 1% AEP (Annual Exceedance Probability) flood which is a flood that has a 1% chance of reaching or exceeding a particular magnitude in any one year.

It should be noted that if a 1% AEP flood is experienced in a certain year, it does not mean that there will not be another 1% AEP flood occurring in the same year, or during the next 99 years.

These maps relate only to the 1% AEP flood event as determined by flood studies performed for each waterway and whose levels have been adopted for development control. Residents should also be aware that floods in excess of the 1% AEP flood are possible and the NSW State Government now requires Council to consider floods in excess of the 1% AEP, and those properties will be identified in due course from studies undertaken by Council.

Council is always reviewing and undertaking new studies where no details of flooding have been investigated to date. If you are unsure of the existence of flooding to your property please contact Council for assistance.

Customers can view the 1% (1 in 100 year) Flood Mapping for details of existing investigated areas.

Significant and Endangered Vegetation

Using the latest vegetaion data from 2009, this interactive map shows those areas which have been categorised as either Ecologically Endangered or Regionally Significant Vegetation.

Customers can view the Significant Vegetation Map for details of affected areas.

Bushland Reserves Mapping

An interactive map of Gosford City's bushland reserves network. Users can also view which reserves are included within within the Coastal Open Spaces System (COSS)

Users can access the Bushland Reserve Maps for more information.


The information contained within this mapping is comprehensive vegetation classification (profiles) for the Gosford City local government area. The mapping project was undertaken by Stephen Bell (Eastcoast Flora Surveys) on behalf of Council in 2003/04. Customers are able to search by a suburb or a specific property address.

The data was compiled from aerial photographic interpretation, ground truthing. It contains information such as Vegetation Classification and the Community (Common) Name.

View the Vegetation Map for further information.

Dog Off Leash Areas

An interactive map of Council Parks and Reserves where dogs can be exercised "off leash".

Suspension of Off Leash Areas

The dog exercise areas and off leash areas at the following locations have been suspended until further notice:

  1. Saratoga (Pier Avenue reserve plus designated off leash dog exercise area adjacent to Saratoga Oval)
  2. Davistown (Illoura Reserve plus designated off leash exercise area)
  3. St Hubert's Island (Long Arm Parade Reserve and Beachfront Parade Reserve)
  4. Empire Bay (Sorrento Road Reserve)
  5. Kincumber (Broadwater Park and Broadwater Drive Reserve plus designated off leash areas in the reserve)

Dogs are not permitted at the above locations on or off leash.

Appropriate signage has been installed to reflect these changes and rangers will patrol the areas and can enforce them in accordance Section 632 of the Local Government Act.

View the Dog Off Leash Area Map for further details.