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Australian Politics and Government


Subject terms

Australian politics
Democracy Australia
Federation Australia
Political Science
Prime Ministers

Junior Reference

to be used in the Library

Australia in: 1910 (part of series)

The Australian Flag: the First 100 years

A Century of great Australians

A history of Australia

Adult Reference

to be used in the Library

A documentary history of Australia (series)

A history of NSW

A handbook of Australian Government & Politics 1890-1964

A handbook of Australian Government & Politics 1965-1974

A handbook of Australian Government & Politics 1985-1999



Encyclopedia Britannica online
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Prime Ministers

Prime Ministers Collections @ the Australian War Memorial

National Museum Of Australia - Canberra

National Museum - Prime Ministers

Commonwealth Government & parliament

Parliament of Australia

Our Government

Fact sheets on Australian Government

Documenting a democracy
101 key documents in the founding of our democracy.

Parliamentary Education Office

Parliament @ Work


Parlimentary Education Office Quick Answers

Federation of Australia - National Library of Australia

Parliament of NSW 1890-1900 Towards Federation

Political Parties

Australian Labor Party

The Liberal party of Australia

The Nationals

Democratic Labor Party

The Greens

The Democrats

Local Government

Local Government

Government of Western Australia Department of Local Government and Communities

State Government

State Government

History of Democracy

If you look at the State Government website the overview of responsibilities are different again you will see a list of departments such as health, trains etc -  these services operate across the whole state.

Parliament @ Work