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Jean Genies Past International

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Jean Genies started international exchange in 2009

Gosford City Library exchanged jeans with:

International Youth Library Schloss Blutenberg Munich after a visit to this wonderful library by Claire.

The program in 2009 was our first exchange.

 Overseas1 Overseas3   Overseas2

The decorated pair, sent from Gosford, were from Lisarow High School. The students were so creative, painting native animals.

 Lisarow1        Lisarow2

In 2010 Jeans were exchanged with our Sister City Edogawa in Japan. The decorated and blank jeans were delivered during a staff exchange visit in October 2010.






2010 also saw exchange with Bakul Library in Bhubaneswar India.

This wonderful community library provides children with a safe and friendly environment and we were thrilled to be assoicated with this dynamic group. The decoration days were very popular.






The outcome was amazing!







Jean Genies appear from nowhere, create magic in you library and disappear.